Whether you have previous experience or are completely new to kayaking, if you want to join our club you are more than welcome.

We have members of all ages including in some cases multiple generations from the same family.

Membership provides use of all the essential club equipment needed to get started in the sport, including a stable flatwater racing kayak, paddle, and buoyancy aid.

Membership Fees

As the club is run on a non-profit, volunteer basis by its members, we are able to keep membership fees much lower than most other sports and fitness clubs.

Juniors (under 18): £110/year

Adults (18 and over): £145/year

How to Join

Kayaking Beginners:
For those with little or no kayaking experience, we recommend starting with our beginner sessions to learn the basic paddling skills needed before progressing to a racing kayak and becoming a club member.

On average it takes 3 or 4 beginner sessions to be ready to progress to a racing kayak.

New 2024 Beginner Sessions

For details and to book, please visit our page at Eventbrite:

Eventbrite Booking

New sessions will be added weekly throughout the spring and summer months.

Experienced Kayakers:
For those already with a good level of kayaking experience and able to safely control a kayak, please contact us directly and we can arrange to start you in a stable racing boat.

Experienced Racers:
If you are already an experienced flatwater racer and wish to join, please contact us to arrange joining our regular club sessions.